London, Ontario, Canada


BFG INC. has a long history of meeting the financial needs of High Net Worth individuals and families. In 2009 the principals changed their business model to a fee based model. This has allowed the company to always act in the best interests of the client, in fact and appearance, by not accepting any third-party incentives or commissions.

To meet the needs of their High Net Worth client base, BFG INC. has been providing oversight and management of The Family Office business model for over ten years.


Heather Broadhead, C.I.M, ICD.D, CEO
Heather has vast experience in the financial investment and business management industry. She brings a depth of financial literacy, combined with a strong macroeconomic, top down approach to decision making. She has a strong focus on client service and a passion for her community.

Heather sits on various community and national boards and provides her expertise and support through her focus on corporate governance.

Paul Broadhead, MBA, Director
With a background in a large global accounting firm, and a former CA, with experience in public accounting and with extensive degrees, Paul's focus is on providing financial solutions to the owner/manager of small and medium sized business as well as personal wealth.

Corporate governance has become a passion as Paul has been a director of one of Ontario's most progressive Mutual Property and Casualty Insurance Company's. Paul is currently the board Chair.

Both Heather and Paul are superior creative thinkers and are the driving force behind the success of the Blackfriar Group (BFG INC.)


The Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD)
Canadian Institute of Management (C.I.M.)
The Rotary Club of London
Garrison Community Council
Vimy Ridge Legion



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