Our Value Proposition

BFG delivers The Family Office business model. As every family is different, so will each Family Office be different. BFG takes a unique personal approach to creating the model for your Family Office. Once your needs, goals and objectives are clear, a model is structured to meet your expectations. BFG fully aligns itself with your Family Office business model. Acting as your quarterback, BFG will streamline communication and collaboration between all of your various advisors. This helps address risks associated with The Family Office and ensures a thoughtful approach to oversight and management. At the end of the day, BFG is measured against the value we bring to your Family Office.

The Family Office is based on collective access to professional advisors. When it comes to investment, legal or tax advice, BFG'S Family Office leverages its collective assets to find and retain the best providers through a thoughtful due diligence process. Those providers will be able to offer tailored advice in a cost-effective fashion though their immersion in the unique situations and needs that span across all family members.

Affluent families have complex investments, trusts and estate plans. Providing timely data and analysis to family members and family office executives becomes an important BFG service to the office.


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